How To Use React-Suite Loader Component In React JS

Hello Developers, In this blog, we will learn how we can implement react-suite loader component in react js which can be used in every API calls

First, make a new app by using the following command

npx create-react-app

Then install react suite library in your app using following command

npm i rsuite

Then import important files in your app js file

import { Loader } from 'rsuite';
import 'rsuite/dist/rsuite.min.css';

Then use Loader component like this

<Loader />


You can also give content to the loader by using content property

<Loader content='Loading ...'/>


The default position of the loader is horizontal but you can change it to vertical by using vertical property

<Loader content='Loading ...' vertical />

You can change loader size also by size property

<Loader content='Loading ...' vertical size='lg' />
<Loader content='Loading ...' vertical size='md' />
<Loader content='Loading ...' vertical size='sm' />
<Loader content='Loading ...' vertical size='xs' />



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