How To Use WordPress Theme Customizer

Did you familiar that WordPress comes with an inbuilt theme customizer that allows you to easily make changes to website design in real-time?

Every theme has some level of support for the default customizer options, some themes include additional tabs and options to the WordPress theme customizer, so you can easily customize the theme without any coding knowledge.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the default panels and show how to use the WordPress theme customizer like a pro.

To Access the WordPress Theme Customizer check the following:

You can access Theme Customizer by logging into the WordPress admin area, and then going to Appearance » Customize from the sidebar of the WordPress admin panel. This will open the Customizer interface with the current theme.

This allows you to see a live preview and make changes to it.

How to Use the WordPress Theme Customizer

After opening the WordPress theme customizer, see customization settings on the left side of the screen, and the live preview of the website on the right side.
Let’s check the default options available in the WordPress theme customizer.

1. Site Identity Panel: Add Title, Logo, and Favicon
The site Identity panel allows to addition or change of the title and tagline of the website.
The site Identity panel allows the addition of the site logo. Simply, click on Select logo to upload the logo of the website.

2. WordPress Theme Customizer: Change Colors on the Website
Colors panel will mostly be different depending on the WordPress theme used.
The colors panel allows to modification color scheme of the website.

3. Adding Navigation Menus in Theme Customizer
The Menus panel allows you to create menus and control their location on your website.

To create a new menu, click on the Create New Menu button.
After that, give a name to your menu to easily manage it later. Select the menu location and then click on Next for further change.

To add items to the menu, click on the Add Items button to open a new panel. Add custom links, pages, posts, categories, and tags as menu items.

To reorder the items, click on the Reorder link and then use the arrow icons to adjust the menu items.

4. Control Widgets on Your Website in Theme Customizer
The widgets panel allows you to add and manage the widgets on the website.

Clicking on it will show the different locations where widgets can add. This will be different depending on the theme used.
To add a new widget, click on the “Add a Widget” button. This will open a new panel where the list of all available widgets is.

5. Homepage Settings Panel in Theme Customizer
By default, WordPress displays the latest blog posts on your front page.
To use a custom home page, select the “A static page” radio button on the Homepage Settings panel.

This will open up two new dropdown menus that use to select a page for the homepage and another for displaying blog posts.

6. Additional CSS Panel for Adding Custom CSS
Additional CSS Panel allows adding custom CSS style on the website.

7. Publish, Save, or Schedule Your Customizer Settings
Once made the necessary changes, to apply them to the website click the Publish button. Otherwise, all hard work will be lost.

To insert the custom options in the Theme Customizer please refer to the following link.
How To Add Options To The WordPress Customizer

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