Insert Records In Zoho Modules Using Deluge

In this tutorial, We are going to learn to Insert Records in  Zoho Modules Using Deluge.


Request URL:


Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXXXXXX2

To the creation of access token and refresh token please follow Generate Refresh and Access Token, Access token from refresh token.

Full Source Code:

token = invokeurl 
  type :POST 
zoho_token = token.get('access_token'); 
info zoho_token; 

header_project = Map(); 
header_project.put("Authorization","Zoho-oauthtoken " + zoho_token);

new_project = Map();
new_project.put("Last_Name","Testing Name");
insert_leads_response = invokeurl 
  url : "" 
  type : POST
  parameters : new_project
  headers : header_project 
data = insert_leads_response.get("data"); 
info insert_leads_response;

Thank You.

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