Integrate Cypress In React

Hello Fellow Developers, hope you guys are doing fine 😉

In this Blog we are going to learn how to integrate cypress in your react project. Lets start project from scratch.

Create a react app

npm install my-react-app

Install cypress in your project

npm install cypress -D

Now launch your cypress launchpad using following command:

npx cypress open

Whenever you run cypress for the first time you will see following screen

I you don’t have great idea regarding testing in cypress just select E2E testing and start.

Project setup screen will automatically detect your framework and bundler,  Cypress Component Testing uses your existing development server config to render component, helps to ensure your components act and display in testing the same as they do in production.

Next, the Cypress will detect your framework and generate all the necessary configuration files, and ensure that all required dependencies are installed.

After setting up component testing, you will be at the Browser select  screen.

Pick the browser  and click the “Start Component Testing” button to open the Cypress app.

Thats it this is how you setup cypress to your new react project.

For any doubt regarding this please contact me in comment section.

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