Introduction To Vue.js

In this article, we will learn about basics of vue.js

Before we start, I hope you have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

What is Vue.js?

  • Vue.js is a modern JavaScript framework that provides useful facilities for building large scale web application, unlike many other frameworks, you can use Vue.js  to enhance existing HTML. This lets you use Vue.js as a drop-in replacement for a library like jQuery.
  • You can use Vue.js to write entire Single Page Applications (SPAs). This allows you to create markup managed entirely by Vue.js, which can improve developer experience and performance when dealing with complex applications. Vue.js takes a “middle ground” approach to tooling like client-side routing and state management.
  • In short, Vue.js makes front-end web development easier and more exciting than it’s ever been.

Why learn Vue.js?

  • Large & Modern web apps require complicated front-ends that can handle large amounts of user interactions or user traffic and dynamic data. For example, Instagram has over 100 million new posts added per day. Front-end frameworks are JavaScript libraries that make it easy to write the code to create and display this enormous amount of data as per our requirement.
  • There are many popular framework that is used by engineers today, including Angular and React.
  • Vue.js is an up-coming front-end framework that aims to combine the best aspects of all of these frameworks in one easy-to-use package.

There are two version of Vue.js:

  1. Development Version – includes helpful console warnings.
  2. Production Version – optimized for size & speed.

You can visit the official site of Vue.js from here.

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