Mosaic Pixel Effect In Photoshop

In this article, I will show you how to use a Mosaic filter in photoshop. First I will show you a simple mosaic filter apply to the entire image. Then with a layer mask, brush tool, and Changing blend mode effects.

Here is the result of before and after applying a mosaic effect image and the Blending mode effect.


Step 1: Duplicate Layer

Create your image duplicate layer using shortcut key Ctrl+J.


Step 2: Apply Mosaic Effect to the duplicate layer.

To apply the Mosaic effect make sure that in layer panel selected layer is your duplicate layer then click on the

Filter menu>>Pixelate>>Mosaic.

When you click on a mosaic that will open a mosaic filter dialog box. In that dialog box change cell size at whatever. I set it at 50 then click on ok.

here is my image of how it’s looking after applying the mosaic effect.


Step 3: Add Layer Mask to duplicate layer

To add a layer mask there is an option in the layer panel at the bottom add a layer mask click on that option and add a layer mask to the duplicate layer.



Step 4: Select the Gradient tool

After adding a layer mask to the duplicate layer select Gradient Tool ( G ) and choose the radial gradient option and set the foreground and background color to default foreground and background color.


Step 5: Drag Out black and white gradient to the layer mask

After selecting the gradient tool, select the layer mask of your duplicate layer and then hold the shift key and click left to right with your mouse pointer to clear the image face.

see the result after applying a gradient tool.


Step 6: Select the Brush Tool

To use a Brush Tool, select layer mask and press the Ctrl+backspace key of your keyboard and fill your layer mask to white, and select the Brush tool (B).

then select soft edge brush of your brush Tool. You can increase and decrease your brush size with left and right square brackets. And with selecting layer mask click on that area which you want to clear off that image.

see the result of the mosaic effect using the Brush tool.


Step 7: Use Different Blending Mode

After applying a brush tool, we can see the different blending modes. In the layers tab, choose blending mode normal to darken and see the result of the darken mode image with a mosaic effect.

Now we can see the One more blending mode option and that results. Again In the layers tab, choose blending mode normal to Hard Mix and see the result of the Hard Mix mode image with a mosaic effect. And decrease your opacity at whatever you think your image looks better.


Hope this article will help you.

Thank You!!

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