Shortcut Keys For SQL Server

In this article, we will learn how to use the most important SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) keyboard shortcuts.

A keyboard shortcut is a series of single or multiple keys that invoke a software program to perform a pre-programmed action.

SQL Server’s Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Exit: Alt+F4

Toggle the full-screen display: Shift+Alt+Enter


  • SQL Query Window

Close: Ctrl+F4

Design query in Editor: Ctrl+Shift+Q

Display Go To Line dialog box: Ctrl+G

Move to the next active window: Ctrl+F6

Move to the previous active window: Ctrl+Shift+F6

Open with current connection: Ctrl+N

Print: Ctrl+P

Save All: Ctrl+Shift+S

Save current: Ctrl+S

Show/Hide the results pane: Ctrl+R

Toggle query & results pane: F6

Trace query in SQL Server Profiler: Ctrl+Alt+P


  • Make Selected Text

Cancel the executing query: Alt+Break

Comment: Ctrl+K+C

Display estimated execution plan: Ctrl+L

Execute: F5 or Ctrl+E

lower case: Ctrl+Shift+L

Parse: Ctrl+F5

Uncomment: Ctrl+K+U

UPPER CASE: Ctrl+Shift+U


  • Output Results

In a grid: Ctrl+D

In text format: Ctrl+T

To a file: Ctrl+Shift+F


  • Debugging

Delete All Breakpoints: Ctrl+Shift+F9

Start:  Alt+F5

Step Into: F11

Step over: F10

Stop: Shift+F5

Toggle Breakpoint: F9


  • View

Open Bookmark Window: Ctrl+K+W

Open Error List: Ctrl+\+E

Open Object Explorer: F8

Open Object Explorer Details: F7

Open Output: Ctrl+Alt+O

Open Properties Window: F4

Open Registered Servers: Ctrl+Alt+G

Open Solution Explorer: Ctrl+Alt+L

Open Task List: Ctrl+Alt+K

Open Template Explorer: Ctrl+Alt+T

Open Toolbox: Ctrl+Alt+X


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