Update Records In Zoho Modules Without Invoke URL Using Deluge

We have seen the examples of Get and Insert records using Invoke URL in deluge.

Get records : https://www.thecodehubs.com/get-records-from-zoho-modules-using-deluge

Insert Records : https://www.thecodehubs.com/insert-records-in-zoho-modules-using-deluge

Here I am going to show you how to Update CRM record without using the Invoke URL with the help of Deluge.

I am going to use inbuilt function of Zoho CRM for the Update Record.

updateRecord” is the function which helps us to Update Records.



zoho.crm.updateRecord(<Module Name>,<Record ID>,<Parameter>);

Module Name: Leads, Contacts , etc.

Record Id: Record Id is the id of your record which you want to edit.

Parameter: The field which you need to update that will need to add to the parameter.

First You need to map the parameter with Map() function.

In the Source Code I have mapped “update_lead” Parameter.

Source Code:

update_lead = Map();
update_lead.put("Last_Name","New Last Name");
update_lead.put("First_Name","New First Name");
response = zoho.crm.updateRecord("Leads",23033XXXXXXXXXXXXXX,update_lead);

Insert Records without Invoke URL using Deluge: https://www.thecodehubs.com/insert-records-in-zoho-modules-without-invoke-url-using-deluge

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