What Is Difference Between React Js And React Native

ReactJs :

  • ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library used to build the dynamic UI for Web App
  • Using ReactJS we can build Website which is light Weighted and can load fast when opened.
  • ReactJS use Virtual Dom which make it light Weighted
  • One can create Higher order component for same type of logic and make entire Web light
  •  A ReactJS web application is made up of many components, and each component has its logic and controls. This components can be reused wherever needed.
  • ReactJs is SEO Friendly

React Native :

  • React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework used for developing a mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows web application.
  • React Native uses JavaScript to build a cross-platform mobile app.
  • It’s same as ReactJS, but it use native components instead of using web components as building blocks.
  • Using React Native we can make application with same code for all platform.

React Native

React Js

1  React Native initial release was in 2015.  ReactJS initial release was in 2013.
2  It’s used for developing mobile applications.  It’s used for developing web applications.
3  React Native comes with built-in animation libraries  ReactJs uses a JavaScript library and CSS for animations
4  It uses its API to render code for mobile applications  It uses Virtual DOM to renders the browser code.
5  Native has built-in Navigator library for navigating mobile applications.  React-Router is used for navigating web pages


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