What Is Figma And Its Features

Introduction to Figma

Figma is web-based graphics editing and user interface design Tool.
It is a browser-based UI and UX design application with excellent design, prototyping.
Figma was designed to be a one-stop shop for easy collaboration.
It’s a collaborative interface design tool. It is a design tool that allows your team to see the design and interact with the latest design by accessing a single URL. You can easily design in Figma by using its tools and creating a dynamic Design.

By using Figma, we can work with anyone, anywhere in the same place at the same time.

We can quickly provide feedback on a design by dropping the comments.

It has a Built-in audio function that makes it easy for teams to talk without having to pick up the phone calls or start a video call And unlike other options.
Figma is a tool where you can create, collaborate, prototype, and handoff all in one place.

Figma is a mirror companion app for both Android and IOS.
That allows you to view the Figma prototype on a mobile device.

Features of Figma

1. Figma community files and plugins library

To select community files click on the home icon then select community  there, you can quickly search the Plugins and install them and use them in your designs 

2. Prototyping

Prototyping is the process in which the designer tests the flow of design and collects feedback on it. 

Its shows the Goal behind the overall design.

3. Components

Components are the elements that you can reuse across in your design. It helps to create and manage consistent design across projects.

4. Connect multiple Figma accounts

Figma provides a great feature of connecting multiple Figma accounts.

5. Drag and drop image uploading into a mask

In Figma, you can easily drag and drop the image in your design and use it.  

Draw a circle then click on the rectangle then select the dropdown from the top and click on place image.

6. Share button

You can quickly share your Figma link with your team and connect easily. Click on the share icon where you can give access to your Figma file and manage access settings.

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