What is Mongo DB and What is the difference between MS SQL and Mongo DB?

This article will helpful as a beginner to know what is Mongo DB and What is the difference between SQL and Mongo DB.

Mongo DB

Till now we are using SQL database to store data in a two dimensional row and column.

Mongo DB is a No SQL Database which store data in form of Key-Value pairs. It is a document oriented which provide high performance and scalability along with data modeling.

What is document based Storage?

Document based storage is a data structure with a key-value pair just like a JSON. For Example, Student object having name, rollno and subject, where subject is a list of string.

    "name": "Rupal Ribadiya Desai",
    "rolno": 50,
    "subject": ["English", "Hindi", "Gujarati"]

What is the difference between SQL Database and Mongo DB?

SQL Mongo DB
Relational Database Non Relational Database
It uses SQL to query language It uses JSON/BSON to query language
Stores data in form of entity as tables. Stores data in form of documents.
Rows Document
Columns Fields
Contains schema which is pre defined Contains dynamic schema


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