What Is Multisite? How To Create WordPress Multisite Network?

Multisite is the type of WordPress installation that allows you to create and manage a network of multiple websites from a single WordPress dashboard. This lets you easily make changes and keep all of your websites updated from one place.

You can create a multisite network. You could add other users who can create their sites inside your network, and limit them from accessing WordPress features.

All users of a multisite network can share the same plugins and themes.

Websites created on the multisite network do have separate media upload directories in WordPress installation. Each site has its own separate folder of images and other uploaded files, so you can’t access one site’s images from another site in the network.

Why Use a WordPress Multisite Network?

WordPress multisite network is a great option for those wanting to manage separate websites from one dashboard. A multisite network is used by corporations, schools, universities, news outlets, online businesses, and more.

You can even create your own blogging platform (the network of blogs) on a single multisite installation.

How to Enable a Multisite Network in WordPress?

Install WordPress.

After your installation is complete, edit the wp-config.php file.

Then add the following line just before ‘That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging’ in the file.

/* Multisite */
define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);

Save your wp-config.php file.

Log into your WordPress website.

After login, go to Tools » Network Setup. Here you can configure your WordPress Multisite Network.

You are on the network setup screen.

Enter a name for your multisite network and an admin address. Click on the ‘Install’ button.

On the next screen, you will see the code you need to add to the wp-config.php and .htaccess file. Both files are in your WordPress root directory.

Open and edit these files by pasting in the code provided by WordPress.

After updated both files, you’ll see the WordPress Multisite Network on WordPress admin bar the next time you log in.

You can add a new site to your network.

Configuring WordPress Multisite Network Settings

After setting up a multisite network, you will want to make sure to check your settings so that your site works the way you want it to.

You can do that from your WordPress dashboard.

To configure network settings, log in to WordPress website and mouse over Sites. Next, click on Network Admin » Dashboard at the top left side of the admin area.

On the fly-out menu, you can manage websites, users, themes, plugins, and configure the settings for WordPress multisite installation.

The multisite network admin settings allow you to set default themes, page and post text, welcome emails sent by WordPress to the new users, and more.

Keep in mind that any changes made in the multisite network admin settings will affect all sites and users on the multisite network.

Managing Sites on a WordPress Multisite Network

You can manage all the individual websites on your WordPress multisite installations on the Sites screen. The multisite dashboard lets you add, delete, deactivate, and archive websites in a network.

If you deactivate the site on a multisite network, it will be hidden from multisite users and any website visitors. Anyone trying to visit a deactivated website will see the message, “This user has elected to delete their account, and their content is no longer available.”

Websites on a multisite network that are archived are only seen by the super admin of the network. Anyone trying to visit an archived website will see the message, “This site has been archived or suspended.”

Super admins on the WordPress multisite network can mark a website on the network as spam. This makes the website invisible to everyone. Deleting a site will permanently remove it from the network.

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