What Is Mvc,Mvp,Mvmm

Hello, there  !! welcome to the new blog where we gonna discuss different types of architecture. let’s get started.

Why to use them ?? 

The aim  is to separate visualizing, processing and data management for the application

Their Goals Are::

  • Modularity
  • Flexibility
  • Testability
  • Maintainability

1. MVC: Model-View-Controller

Designed By Trygve Reenskauge. MVC Breaks App Into Three Components

1 Model: Responsible for the business logic of app. manages the state of app. also includes reading, writing data, persisting application state, and tasks related to networking and data validation.

2 View: Responsible For Presenting Data To User And Handling User Interaction.

3 Controller: Model And View Are Glued Together Using One OR More Controller.


2. MVP : Model-View-Presenter

It’s Derivation Of  MVC For Improving Presentational Logic

Model And View Roles Remains Same As MVC

Presenter : It Get’s  Input From View,Than Process That Using Model And Pass It Back To View After Processing Is Done.

What-is-mvc-mvp-mvmm-2.jpg3. MVMM : Model-View-View-Model

Model And View Are Same As MVC,MVP ,

View-Model : One Side Abstraction Of View And Other Side Provides Model Data That Needs To Be Lined. It Comprises  A Model That Converted To View And Includes The Command That The View Can Influence The Model.


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