What is RDBMS?

What is RDBMS?

Relational Database Management System is referred to as RDBMS. It is an information management system with a data model as its focal point. All of the data is accurately captured in tables in this instance.. SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, and SQLite are RDBMS examples of systems.

Basic RDBMS Features:

  • Provides the option to preserve information in tables
  • It may be accessed by several users at once and is controlled by one person.
  • Virtual tables can be used to store user data.
  • The primary key is utilized alone in order to identify the rows.
  • Data are consistently stored in rows and columns.
  • Indexes are utilized in order to get the data.
  • The keys are used to share columns between tables.


Relation is the deposit of tuples with related properties in the RDBMS. In an RDBMS, a relation refers to the collection of entities and the data they contain. The relationships between the entities, which are distinct instances, are arranged in various rows and columns in the data table. The associated data has the same restrictions and domains. Relations in the database model are changed by eliminating outdated data and adding new data.

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