What Is Redis Cache and What Are Its Benefits?

What Is Redis Cache and What Are Its Benefits?

An open source caching framework is called Redis. This lightning-fast framework uses hash tables to store cache data. Redis offers a comprehensive, in-memory caching engine that may be used to store and retrieve data from your applications in addition to speedier execution. Strings, hashes, sets, lists, and other data structures are among the ones that Redis supports. Additionally, it has built-in replication and transaction support, and it excels at supporting data durability. Redis is an excellent option for your application if it needs to store and retrieve large amounts of data. The following are benefits of utilising Redis for.NET developers:

  • ASP.NET/MVC application setting is quite simple.
  • Easy application
  • Caching for high-performance applications
  • Supports the aforementioned set of data types
  • Redis has a web interface for browsing cache material.

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