What is RxJS and Features of RxJS ?

* RxJS :

The reactive paradigm can be used in many different languages through the use of reactive libraries. These libraries are downloaded APIs that provide functionalities for reactive tools like observers and operators. Reactive Extension for JavaScript , or RxJS, is a reactive library used to implement reactive programming to deal with async implementation, callbacks, and event-based programs. It can be used in your browser or with Node.js.

* Features of RxJS:

  • Observable

    RxJS observables allow you to publish events. Observables have two methods: subscribe and unsubscribe. You execute an observable by subscribing to it. Observables model a stream of events.

  • Observer

    An observer is an object with next()error(), and complete() methods that is called when there’s an interaction with the observable. They are the objects that subscribe to observables.

  • Subscription

    A subscription to the observable will trigger the observable to execute.

  • Operator

    An operator is a function that allows us to perform certain actions on events executed by observables.

  • Subject

    A subject is the same as an Event Emitter. It is an observable that multicasts information to observers.

  • Scheduler

    A scheduler handles the execution of subscriptions.

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